Closet Cleaning…It’s Time to Let Go!

Posted July 24th, 2013 by Patty

I know it has been a while since my last post, I kinda got buried in my closet. Well, not really buried but it sure felt that way every time I walked into it and I finally decided it was time to take action. You see, I have a fairly large walk-in and it was basically stuffed side to side and top to bottom with clothes, shoes, and various other items but basically clothes. Clothes that I just couldn’t seem to part with for whatever reason, some  MANY were too small, a bunch were out of style due to the fact that I haven’t truly went through my closest in over 8 years, a few were no longer age appropriate for me, along with clothes that I thought were cute and yet too small to start with that I would buy with hopes of some day fitting into so I had quite a few pieces with the tags still hanging on them.

Closet Cleanse Cleanout


Here’s a general idea of how the whole closet looked, “my side” of the closet is about 12 feet in length and all 12 feet looked like this. I decided that I would need some kind of sorting system, so I snatched a couple tubs that my youngest daughter had here at the house from her recent move back home. I labeled each one with a post-it describing what each tub was for to help with my sorting process.

These are the 3 tubs I started with.

PicMonkey Collage #3


Tub #1: Really tight but close, keep has the clothes that I could technically wear if I wanted to look like a sausage with a very tight casting.

Tub #2: Up, don’t close, keep has pants and shirts that just do not quite close yet I have hope for getting into if   when I lose some weight.

Tub #3: Garage sale/donate has a mix of everything from out dated, there’s no hope of fitting, don’t really care for anymore, what was I thinking when I bought this, etc.

Now I was ready to start my closet cleanse, I began by just grabbing a section of hangers and trying things on one after another. It didn’t take long and I found myself with an emotional attachment to some items that didn’t quite fit the category of my tubs, so…you guessed it, I brought in another one.


2012-06-09 11.54.54

Tub #4: the label says it all “Up to the hips, would like to fit one day, need a miracle”! Not sure what I’m thinking here but at this moment I’m having some attachment issues.

Anyhow, this project took me the better part of 2 days where I made quite the mess of my master bathroom and closet yet I can say I’m quite impressed with the outcome.

2012-06-11 07.40.13

Aftermath of hangers, I realized that even the hangers were a mess in relation to color, size and type.

In the end this is how my sorting ended up, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Tubs #1 & 2 each had clothes about 6 inches deep in them which I thought to be fairly good progress wise. Tub #3, my garage sale/donation tub was over the top and towering above the rest…yeah, GREAT progress. Tub #4, remember the one I added, the one I am having attachment issues with…well, it made it to being full, probably not to progressive on my part but for now it’s staying. As you can see from the pictures I added a bag, this bag is going straight to donation as these clothes are not garbage but not quite garage sale worthy in my opinion.

PicMonkey Collage

So how did my closet cleanse turn out? Well, here it is! I gained about 4 feet of closet hanging space, the floor underneath is all cleaned out other than shoes, and the top rack is cleaned and organized as well.  I’m really happy with the results. I almost forgot, all the hangers are now the same as well.
PicMonkey Collage #2




Oh yes, what about those clothes in the bins I had labeled to keep. Here they are all neatly tucked away into 1 Tub labeled and layered by how I will hopefully be fit into to them one day:) Hopefully you can see the part of my label with my “plan” what doesn’t fit by April of 2014 goes straight to donation.

2012-06-15 13.14.082012-06-15 13.14.17


Now, the hard part…how am I going to maintain my closet? This is something I haven’t quite got an answer to yet. I’d love to here how you maintain your closet and keep from having every article of clothing you’ve bought over the past ten years from remaining in your closet. Do you have a system in place?

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